Bespoke conservation and preservation services and solutions that maintain and sustain culture and heritage.

At O’Sullivan Conservation, our goal is to provide high quality conservation and restoration services that integrate the best possible standards of care for artefacts and heritage objects. Our practice is informed by years of professional experience, acquired both in Australia and internationally. We are passionate about maintaining and sustaining culture and are proud to serve this industry. Our core services are:



O’Sullivan Conservation works with its clients to determine the overall objectives and treatment goals, as well as identifying achievable objectives within the clients desired budget and timeframe.


O’Sullivan Conservation considers the artistic intent when approaching the conservation and restoration of outdoor sculptures, as what may be perceived as damage could be an effect desired by the artist.

Outdoor stone work -preferred

Our expert conservators can undertake a wide range of outdoor stonework conservation and restoration, including the inpainting, re-gilding and care of existing lettering; cleaning and poultice application, bio-growth removal and prevention, repointing, graffiti removal, and general repairs.

Restoration war memorial 2

War Memorials serve as an intrinsic part of the Australian cultural ethos, and O’Sullivan Conservation is committed to ensuring their preservation for the benefit of future generations.

Cameron Park Fountain Wellington

O’Sullivan Conservation has extensive experience in the conservation assessment and treatment of fountains constructed from various materials and types, both indoor and outdoor.

Cleaning of corrosion on Tracey Emin bronze

At O’Sullivan Conservation, our team is passionate about conserving and restoring public art that adorns our cities and public spaces.


Retouching carved wood furniture detail

We conserve, repair, and restore a comprehensive range of wooden objects, furniture and antiques ranging from contemporary pieces of cultural heritage to historically significant objects and antiques. 



Whether concerning bronze decorative objects or larger bronze sculptures, wholly made of copper alloy, bronze or containing bronze elements, O’Sullivan Conservation works with their clients to determine the overall objectives and goals of each treatment and to identify achievable outcomes within the client’s desired budget and timeline.


Marble and stone restoration and conservation services can include cleaning, repairs, carving and resurfacing.

Repair to asian vase

Given the significant number of Australians with Asian ancestry and the close connections that Australia shares with its Asian neighbours, O’Sullivan Conservation recognises conservation treatments of Asian art require a specialist approach

Repairs to a decorative mother of pearl artwork

From intricate sculptural objects to ornate woodwork, each decorative object tells a unique story.

Material World Light Boxes

Contemporary art can be highly diverse, as artists often push the boundaries of creativity with unconventional materials and innovative techniques.


O’Sullivan Conservation has undertaken conservation treatment and restoration of numerous pieces of light and heavy artillery and armament including World War One machine and field guns, and trench mortars.

Gosford War Memorial Honour Board

Honour Rolls often commemorate war veterans, but can also include memorial boards, school honour boards, and sporting member and award recipient boards.

Retouching palette

A range of re-gilding and in-painting activities can be undertaken by O’Sullivan Conservation, from localised gilding repairs and in-painting to a total re-gilding, or the removal of old restoration works to reveal the original finish of the object.

Bara marble sculpture in Sydney Harbour Warrane

Australian Indigenous art comprises an array of cultural heritage objects representing the world’s longest-surviving culture.

Repairing a broken ceramic sculpture

Ceramic and glass objects include artworks, and decorative and functional objects such as sculptures, vases, jewellery, tiles, and mirrors.

Douglas Annand UNSW mosaic conservation after treatment

Mosaics are art forms that weave together pieces of stone, glass, or ceramic to create visual narratives.

Restoration of a plastic typwriter

The world has witnessed an influx of plastic materials over the last century, with plastics found in objects as diverse as machine components, mid-century modern furniture, archival materials, and polymer-based artworks and sculptures.

Restoration of silver teapot 1

Metal objects and sculptures have graced our world for centuries, in traditional materials such as copper alloy, bronze, copper, gold, silver, and iron, through to steel, Cor-ten, and aluminium.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney bee hive conservation

O’Sullivan Conservation specialises in the preservation of cultural heritage objects and artwork crafted from natural materials like bone, shell, mother-of-pearl, and plant fibres.

Restoration of wooden decorative furniture

O’Sullivan Conservation are experts in the conservation and restoration of furniture, ensuring it retains its unique character, historical importance and functional use.


Restoration war memorial 3

O’Sullivan Conservation has extensive experience conserving and relocating monuments of a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, including gates, sculptures, fountains, and built heritage.

Restoration Newcastle Signal Box 3

Whether concerning bronze decorative objects or larger bronze sculptures, wholly made of copper alloy, bronze or containing bronze elements, O’Sullivan Conservation works with their clients to determine the overall objectives and goals of each treatment and to identify achievable outcomes within the client’s desired budget and timeline.

Douglas Annand mosaic UNSW conservation after treatment

O’Sullivan Conservation has undertaken a range of conservation projects for historic buildings and structures in environments as diverse as hospitals, universities, and courthouses throughout Australia, and heritage structures as far as Antarctica.

Paint Layer Investigation

Paint investigations can be undertaken for built heritage and monument preservation, allowing us to uncover the history, craftsmanship, and architectural details of iconic structures.


Conservators undertaking research and consultation

O’Sullivan Conservation provides comprehensive condition assessment and reporting services tailored to clients’ and objects’ needs

Royal Botanic Garden bronze sculpture conservation Eoin O'Sullivan

Conservation Maintenance Programs are designed to extend the lives of objects or collections, to reduce the risks inherent in display and public interaction, and to ensure that public art continues to express the artist’s intent.

UNSW kensington campus Clutterbuck sculpture Ainsworth Lawn

The goal of Preventive Conservation is to protect objects of personal, cultural, and heritage value from damage and deterioration through pre-emptive measures.

Mould remediation of furniture 2

Mould is a significant challenge on the east coast of Australia, a fact well known to its residents.

Conservation clean storage 6

O’Sullivan Conservation recognises the integral role that meticulous cleaning and preservation play in safeguarding cultural heritage objects and building interiors.

Sample testing for asbestos

Like pests or biological growth (such as mould), air pollution and dust pose a risk to objects both indoors and outdoors.

Example of significant mould following flooding

In an era dominated by climate change, disaster preparedness is more important than ever. Particularly regarding objects of personal, cultural, or heritage value, it is imperative to be as ready as possible for the unexpected.

Eoin undertaking condition assessment 2

Preservation Needs Assessments are the cornerstone of preservation planning, offering a comprehensive view of an institution’s collections, their physical condition, and the suitability of current storage and housing facilities.



With extensive professional experience, we are well positioned to provide our clients with a sensitive, conservation-based approach to artefact relocation of a vast array of three-dimensional artefacts and objects, including bronze, metal, and stone sculptures; honour boards and war relics such as field guns.

O’Sullivan Conservation acknowledges that we operate and function on the lands of the Darkinjung people.

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.

We are proud partners of Reconciliation NSW and support reconciliation in our community.