February 2018


A small cast bronze dragon sculpture on a polished marble plinth was delivered to the O’Sullivan Conservation workshop for condition assessment and treatment. The condition assessment revealed:

  • a heavy layer of dust
  • a degrading wax coating on the bronze
  • several minor areas of corrosion
  • possible casting remnants
  • movement present in the pins securing the sculpture to the plinth

Based on this condition assessment, treatment began with a brush vacuuming of the object’s surface. The sculpture was carefully removed from the plinth and all remaining epoxy was removed from the anchor holes. The three threaded securing rods were replaced. The coating on the bronze was analysed to confirm the presence of wax. The wax was then removed using heat, solvents, cotton cloths, and cotton swabs. Areas of corrosion were treated, and both the sculpture and plinth were then re-waxed and buffed. Finally, the sculpture was adhered to the plinth.

The conserved sculpture was returned to the client along with a basic treatment report and recommendations for future care and cleaning.


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