Materials Conservation

At O’Sullivan Conservation we provide superior material conservation services, specialising in but not limited to furniture, built heritage and interiors, and objects conservation.

Below are some examples of treatments we regularly conduct:

  • Cleaning
  • Structural stabilisation
  • Replacement of missing components using appropriate techniques
  • Marquetry and inlay work
  • Boulle work
  • Veneering
  • Cosmetic conservation treatments to fill gaps and disguise previous deterioration
  • Colour matched repairs and new components
  • Carving and turning of missing components
  • Hardware – i.e. metalwork repairs and fabrication, lock and key repairs, casting replacement hardware
  • Conservation of finishes using appropriate oils, waxes, shellac and original coatings
  • War Memorial and Honour Roll conservation
  • Conservation of built heritage buildings
  • Reglazing
  • Mould remediation
  • On-site conservation
  • Provision of recommendations and consulting for ongoing maintenance, conservation and handling
Wooden Objects
We conserve, repair, and restore a comprehensive range of wooden objects, furniture and antiques ranging from contemporary pieces of cultural heritage to historically significant objects and antiques. Wooden objects can include furniture, rolls of honour and honour boards, and Asian art such as Buddha figurines and temple dogs.

Our approach to wooden object conservation and restoration respects the integrity and history of the piece, while ensuring material and visual compatibility and lasting results. Our principal conservator’s initial training was in the Conservation and Restoration of Furniture and Wooden Objects, in which he obtained a Diploma with Distinction, from the Letterfrack Furniture College, Ireland, and his passion for wooden objects has continued to inform his practice throughout his career.

Bronze Objects and Sculptures
Whether concerning bronze decorative objects or larger bronze sculptures, wholly made of bronze or containing bronze elements, O’Sullivan Conservation works with their clients to determine the overall objectives and goals of each treatmentand to identify achievable objectives within the client’s desired budget and timeline.

Treatments include cleaning, corrosion treatment, repairs, filling of losses, recasting replica elements, retouching, and repatination of surface finishes and rewaxing. These works can be undertaken as an isolated service or as part of a conservation maintenance program.

Marble and stone objects
Marble and stone restoration and conservation services can include cleaning, repairs, carving and resurfacing. Our conservators have the skills and experience to safely move heavy marble and stone objects and to mount them with discreet security fixings if necessary.

O’Sullivan Conservation has experience undertaking conservation cleaning of marble and stone objects, including poulticing, micro-air abrasive techniques, and steaming for stain removaland biocide applications to reduce bio-growth.

Asian Objects

Given the significant number of Australian’s with Asian ancestry and the close connections that Australia shares with its Asian neighbours, O’Sullivan Conservation recognises conservation treatments of Asian art require a specialist approach.

At O’Sullivan Conservation we have training in the use of techniques and materials unique to Western art and we have experience with the treatment of a wide range of Asian artefacts, including lacquerware, religious objects such as Buddha statues and priests’ chairs, temple dogs and jubako lunchboxes.

When undertaking ceramic conservation and restoration the treatment is always tailored to the specific requirements of the individual piece, and the client’s preference for the repair. Cracks and breaks can be consolidated and reattached, with repairs left visible or disguised. Old residues can be removed from aging, unstable, or deteriorating past repairs and the surfaces can be prepared prior to restoration with conservation-grade materials that provide long term stability and do not discolour with age.
Artillery, Armament & War Relics
O’Sullivan Conservation has undertaken conservation treatment and restoration of numerous pieces of light and heavy artillery and armament including World War One machine and field guns, and trench mortars.

Treatment can include disassembly and cleaning, abrasive blasting and painting or coasting reapplication, with relevant historical authorities often consulted for recommended paint colours.

O’Sullivan Conservation has also undertaken conservation treatment of smaller war relics including swords, decommissioned firearms, including rifles and handguns, and war and service medals.

Honour Rolls and Memorial Boards
Honour Rolls often commemorate war veterans, but can also include memorial boards, school honour boards, and sporting member and award recipient boards.

O’Sullivan Conservation has undertaken numerous conservation treatments and restorations of Honour Rolls and Memorial Boards. Treatment options range from a simple clean and wax to more comprehensive approaches including the removal of graffiti, scratch reduction, fabrication of replacement moulding and removal and replacement of failing coatings and lacquer. Inpainting of names and regilding are additional treatment options that O’Sullivan Conservation can provide if required.

Gilding & Inpainting
A range of re-gilding and in-painting activities can be undertaken by O’Sullivan Conservation, from localised gilding repairs and in-painting to a total re-gilding, or the removal of old restoration works to reveal the original finish of the object. Additionally, where a conservation repair has been performend ona gilded or painted object in-gilding and in-painting can be undertaken to match the existing finish, including any toning works that are required.

O’Sullivan Conservation can perform gilding and in-painting on a wide range of materials and objects, including stone monuments and, wooden and metal objects.

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