1914 – 1919 ROLL OF HONOR

September 2019


The City of Parramatta 1914 – 1919 Roll of Honor is made of patinated pressed copper to which 141 incised brass nameplates and a matching top centre plaque are affixed and mounted on a polished blackwood backing board with a plywood subframe. O’Sullivan Conservation was engaged to condition assess and treat the Roll of Honor, which had dulled and tarnished with age.

OSC’s condition assessment revealed that the Roll was structurally sound, though heavily tarnished and coated with dust and grime. There was one area of noticeable impact damage at the bottom of the pressed copper panel and the last ‘9’ was missing from ‘1919’. Based on this assessment, the following treatment plan was implemented:

  1. The Roll of Honor was transported to the OSC workshop, where it was inspected, and the treatment scope was confirmed.
  2. It was brush vacuumed and gently cleaned with mild solvents.
  3. The nameplates and top centre plaque were removed, and the pressed copper panel separated from the backing board, which was brush vacuumed, cleaned, polished improved, waxed, and buffed.
  4. Each of the 142 brass plates and their screw fixings were lightly polished, then waxed, buffed, and refitted.
  5. The area of impact damage to pressed copper panel was mechanically reshape and chemically repatinated to match.
  6. A plaster cast of an existing ‘9’ was taken and a new ‘9’ hand-shaped, chemically patinated, and inpainted.
  7. The new ‘9’ was secured in place.
  8. Overpaint was mechanically removed from the mounting brackets and they were chemically patinated and waxed.
  9. The Roll of Honor was reassembled and transported back to the City of Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre.

O’Sullivan Conservation provided recommendations for the display, care, and ongoing maintenance of the restored Roll of Honor to the City of Parramatta upon its return.

Further information about the Roll of Honour can be found on the City of Parramatta Heritage Centre website,


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